Why Customers Choose Us

Product Philosophy

  1. Quality assured Product
    1. All our products go through rigorous safety tests and certification before we market our products.
    2. We work with world class manufacturers that have international quality and safety certifications.
    3. Our ingredients are sourced globally so that only the best is used in our products.
    4. Our products are sent to independent testing agencies to verify for safety including checks for toxicity, microbiology, contaminant and nutrition analysis.
  2. Pleasure to the taste buds
    1. Common stigma with supplement / health foods that they are usually bland / bad testing and it puts people off from consuming them
    2. The team are Herbco are not just health enthusiasts, but foodies who believe that good tasting food will also elevate your spirits and mind.
    3. In fact, research has shown that positive taste sensations can lead to increase in effectiveness of a supplement, and vice versa.
    4. Every product here is designed with taste perception in mind, so that you look forward to having your daily dose of health food!
  3. Innovation and synergistic formulation
    1. Supplements or health foods aren’t just about the individual ingredients. The combination and dosage are also important to ensure you are getting your product’s worth and its intended effects.
    2. Therefore, each of our products undergo a long period of research and development to provide you with an ideal dosage (too much of anything is bad) and have synergistic components blended together to make the product more effective.

Healthy can taste Good Too

Why Herbco?

  • Compounds extracted from naturally occurring herbs/plants / spices (real ingredients)
  • Higher concentration of nutritional benefits per serving
  • Low calories
  • A wide range of benefits to cater to your health needs
  • Halal certified


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