Fenugreek Chocolate Drink

FENUGREEK CHOCOLATE DRINK FENUGREEK CHOCOLATE DRINK Protects your gut and regulates blood sugar through great taste for only RM43.00 1 box – 15 sachets Price – RM 43 / box Shop Here Why Fenugreek Chocolate?Health Benefits of FenugreekProduct InfoWhy Fenugreek Chocolate? Why Fenugreek Chocolate? Formulated with the highest standardized Fenugreek extract Combination with cocoa masks the bitter taste of Fenugreek to provide a healthy and tasty solution No sugar added for a guilt-free drinking experience HALAL certified Health Benefits of Fenugreek Health benefits of Fenugreek: Boosts breast milk production in lactating mothers Regulate blood glucose levels by improving insulin sensitivity and reducing glucose absorption Protect stomach lining and reduce symptoms of heartburn Boosts testosterone levels Aids in weight management High in fibre, iron, magnesium and Vitamin B Product Info Product Info: Serving instructions: Add 150-200ml of hot water to 1 sachet of Fenugreek Hot Chocolate. Stir well and drink. Dosage - Drink 1-2 cups daily. Storage instructions: Keep in a cool, dry place. Nutritional info: 1 serving of FCD contains 87 kCal (4.35% of daily calorie amount based on serving of 2000kCal/day) Recommended for: lactating mothers, those with pre-diabetic conditions, anyone looking for a healthy hot chocolate alternative Not suitable for: Pregnant women, those currently on diabetic medication. Please consult your doctor before taking any supplements or herb remedy. CERTIFICATES: HALAL / MESTI
October 12, 2019


HSC OMEGA-3 FISH OIL HSC OMEGA-3 FISH OIL  Protect Your Heart Variations: 60 capsules, 120 capsules Price: RM 85, RM 140 Shop HereWhy HSC Fish Oil?Health benefits of Omega-3About HSC Fish OilProduct InfoWhy HSC Fish Oil? Why HSC Fish Oil? High strength with 504mg EPA and 240 mg DHA (total 744mg) Awarded 5-star rating by International Fish Oil Society (IFOS), Canada Excellent supplement for heart, brain, eye and joint health HALAL certified Health benefits of Omega-3 Health Benefits of Omega-3: Help increase good cholesterol (HDL) levels Help reduce triglyceride levels and reduce blood pressure Prevent formation of plaque Supports cognitive development and intelligence in children Reduce likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s Improve eye health and reduce risk of macular degeneration Improve bone and joint health Helps in anti-aging and skin hydration About HSC Fish Oil About HSC Fish Oil: 5-star rating IFOS rating IFOS is an independent third-party globally recognized certification agency that awards Omega-3 products for purity and quality to set the benchmark for consumers to tell if a product meets the world's highest standards. HSC sends its fish oil to IFOS yearly for product and safety testing and is awarded 5-star quality, confirming our commitment to quality and safety. Safe source of fish oil Big fish such as salmon and cod are known for their healthy fatty acids aka fish oil. However, the higher on the food chain, the greater accumulation of toxins. HSC fish oil is extracted from anchovies and sardines which do not bulk on polluted toxins Molecularly distilled: Our oils have gone through at least 3 rounds of molecular distillation to remove toxins and contaminants Product Info Product Info:  Dosage: Adults - Take 1-2 capsules 2 times daily with or after meal, or as prescribed Children – not recommended for children below 12 years old Storage instructions: Keep in a cool, dry place. Keep refrigerated after open. Active ingredient: Each capsule contains: EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) – 504mg DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) – 240 mg Capsule – bovine Recommended for: adults, patient with heart issues, pregnant ladies Certificates: HALAL / IFOS / PUREMAX
October 12, 2019
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